Ask Obama not to deport Becley Aigbuza

Ask Obama not to deport Becley Aigbuza

Please sign this petition addressed to President Obama to intervene and stop the deportation of Becley Aigbuza!

Locked up in a cell for hours he was beaten up and raped by other detainees because the police had informed them he was a homosexual. When the police finally came for him he was taken out of his cell, they beat him up badly and tortured him.

Becley told Everyone Group, a Human Rights Organisation,
”After being forced to admit to them that I was gay, the police tied me up, burned my forehead with cotton wool soaked with acid and took turns sodomizing me with a beer bottle for hours”. “I woke up in hospital in Benin City with a dislocated shoulder, a broken hand, bruises and wounds all over my body and a mutilated testicle. I had been betrayed by my own family and cruelly punished just for loving a person of the same sex”. With a desperate attempt to get back to the US he managed to flee the hospital shortly after and returned to San Diego where he made a complaint to the Nigerian Embassy in Washington. The Nigerian Embassy Told him that, “I deserved the treatment seeing as I was gay, and that things would get much worse for me if I returned to Nigeria”. If he was returned to Nigeria now he would almost certainly be arrested, tortured and imprisoned. In Nigeria the Death Penalty can be applied for homosexuality

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